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I AM PLAYR – 1 Million MAUs!

Sal A
posted this on May 14 18:45

I AM PLAYR has achieved the 1 million monthly active users milestone averaging an increase of 100, 000 users per week during the last month alone, and is now the world’s largest Facebook Unity game.

Officially launched on Facebook in October 2011, BAFTA Video Game Award nominated I AM PLAYR is now played in over 210 countries around the globe.

David Rose, CEO at We R Interactive commented, “Our aim is for I AM PLAYR to be the world’s biggest, most authentic online football game and to have reached this milestone and be able to stake our claim as the biggest Facebook Unity game just six months since launch is a pretty incredible achievement. Fuelling further growth, development of the mobile version of I AM PLAYR is well underway in preparation for the Euros 2012.”

I AM PLAYR has established a flourishing virtual economy with Red Bull selling more than 1.5 million cans in the game and powering 45 million training drills to date. In addition, more than 350,000 pairs of Nike boots have been purchased – meaning that if they were real football boots, I AM PLAYR would be Nike’s second largest store.  And users have watched more than 40 years of Nike-branded video.  More than 50K Alfa MiTos have been configured to a real life specification in-game; with each week over 2, 000 people winning a virtual Alfa MiTo. The Alfa Romeo integration into I AM PLAYR is also driving brand awareness for Alfa Romeo with, to date, 7.5K hours of Alfa Romeo content viewed – including 12k Alfa Romeo videos viewed on a weekly basis.

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