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I’m getting a Network Error that won’t go away.

posted this on May 16 11:35

Network errors can appear for a variety of reasons.

If you submit an error report, please describe where the error occurs, as this will help us to find out if there is a specific problem with your game.

However, most error popups can be solved by remembering and doing the following:

– Do not play the game in multiple browsers or in several tabs at the same time. This will cause network errors as your Facebook account might log itself out in one browser and not in another.

– On your current game browser, press CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE to clear your cache, cookies and recent history. Close the browser windows entirely (not just the tab) and reopen it, load up the game again.

– You may find that the game runs more consistently at the I AM PLAYR website, especially during peak hours when Facebook is especially busy.

If the above does not help, please try the game in a different type of web browser. We currently support Internet Explorer 8+, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox 3+. The game may not work correctly on Safari (mac) so we are working on fixing that for the future.

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