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My game won’t load – what do I do?

posted this on May 16 11:44

If you’re having trouble with loading please try the following:

  • Check your internet connection is stable with good signal strength. Loss of connection, no matter how brief, can impact your load time. At peak times of day your internet provider may limit your bandwidth due to heavy network traffic, similarly our game servers may also be experiencing many thousands of requests per second. If this is the case please try again at a quieter time.
  • Make sure you haven’t got more than one instance of the game running on your computer (browser windows and tabs can easily be minimised and forgotten about).
  • Ensure your computer isn’t doing anything particularly memory- or processor-hungry at the same time as playing. This includes streaming audio/video and uploading/downloading torrent files.
  • Try the game in a different browser; it may be that your browser’s temporary history is stopping your game from loading. We support Chrome, Firefox 3+, and Internet Explorer 8+.  If it is a caching issue please press Ctrl+Shift+Del while you’re in your browser window and follow the pop-up prompt to clear ‘Cache’ or ‘Temporary Internet History’. Perform the action, then close and re-open the browser to try the game again.
  • Make sure your browser has 3rd party cookies set to ‘Allow’ in its privacy settings and that your anti-virus program isn’t blocking elements of the game.
  • Log out, and then back into Facebook, your gaming session may have expired.
  • If logging in through Facebook still feels slow, they may be having server issues. Try logging in directly through
  • Have you recently made any changes to your software or hardware? Make sure you have the latest versions of UnityShockwave and Flash.
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