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Why do I have to wait for my energy level to replenish?

posted this on May 29 14:43

Your energy bar gradually replenishes over time just as if you’ve been resting after training. We’ve judged the time that the energy builds back up so you can play I Am Playr as a casual user several times a day. You can speed up your recovery time by purchasing Red Bull.

I Am Playr is completely free to play with patience. You don’t need to purchase Red Bull if you don’t want to, but it will refresh your energy bar more quickly – similarly, you don’t need to purchase boots if you don’t want to, but they will improve your ball control more quickly than just performing drills.

Free-to-play games are unfortunately not free-to-make. Our sponsorship covers a certain amount of the filming but everything else is supported entirely by coin revenue. This money ensures we can keep updating and improving our game and paying our bills. Simply put, if no-one purchased coins there simply wouldn’t be an I Am Playr – so naturally there have to be some advantages in supporting us this way.

It’s not all bad news though – we award you with an increasing Daily Bonus for playing in each consecutive 24 hour period and another wages bonus for every 10 fixtures you play for the Griffins. You get 50 free coins for ‘Liking’ the Facebook page too. We’ve also introduced the opportunity to increase your energy bar to 25 by inviting your friends that haven’t yet started playing I Am Playr. How many have you invited?

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