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Training Drills

posted this on May 29, 2012 14:27

When you enter the Training Ground you’ll see drills listed that are available to you depending on your current training level.


The blue bars and + numbers listed below MATCH FITNESS relate to the number of MF points you’ll be awarded for completing the drill. If you simply attempt (PLAY) the drill you will still receive MF points. If you not only PLAY but PASS the drill too you will receive even more points to contribute to your MF level. The score you must achieve to PASS the drill is on the right, titled PASS MARK.

The grey bar and – number listed below ENERGY COST is how many blocks of energy you need to to expend in order to attempt the drill. 

When a drill has been passed the drill border will turn blue. You will also be awarded a cup depending on how well you have scored which is displayed on the right. You can see what the pass mark is for each cup by hovering your cursor over it. Some pass marks may seem very high but you will be able to revisit these drills at a later date when you have better equipment and skills, and you can also be awarded Curl, Power and Streak bonuses depending on which drill you are attempting.

Your drill scores are then used to fill your Training Level bar. Once this is filled you will be taken to the next tier of your Training, therefore the higher your score for each drill, the quicker you will be able to progress. You can revisit your previous tiers by clicking the white buttons to the side of your training progress bar.

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