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What is Own The Zone and How Do I Play?

Sal A
posted this on June 08, 2012 08:09

What is Own the Zone?

Own the zone is a social betting game where rather than betting on a team or player you bet on where you think the events are going to happen in the game.

How do I play Own the Zone?

Select the match you want to bet on.

Select the events during the match you want to bet on.

Playing Own the Zone is very easy, simply place the chips (or tokens) on the pitch in the zone you think that events will occur. You can place bets before and during the match.


This handy tutorial explains everything- it is also available in the game when you first play and then you will be able to re-view the tutorial video by clicking on this button in the game:   


What do friends do?

Having more friends makes them game more social and gives you extra chips, you can also see their chosen allegiance in the lower leaderboard to see how good the supporters are at predicting events. You can click on their profile on your friends strip at the bottom, to see their betting history – this will help you determine if they have patterns you can take advantage of.

What do the numbers on the pitch mean?

The numbers on the pitch are the odds that you get for placing a chip on the pitch. The odds are displayed in a ratio of ‘to 1’ commonly written as 5:1

What does the timer at the top indicate?

The timer at the top indicates the current match timer as well as how long remains until the odds increase again (which occurs at 10 minute intervals).

Where are the leaderboards?

The leaderboards can be accessed at the top of the screen and will be enabled as soon as enough fixtures have been played to generate the data.

How do I get more chips?

You are issued new chips for every game just for playing, if you have run out of chips and want to add some more click on the BANK at the top of the page and then buy some more.

What are the names of the zones?

The names of the zones are:

Top right corner
Top right midfield
Top right 18
Top right 12
Top right D1
Top right D2
Right centre circle
Bottom right midfield
Bottom right 18
Bottom right 12
Bottom right D1
Bottom right D2
Right D
Right Penalty Spot
Right 6
Top left corner
Top left midfield
Top left 18
Top left 12
Top left D1
Top left D2
left centre circle
Bottom left midfield
Bottom left 18
Bottom left 12
Bottom left D1
Bottom left D2
Left D
Left Penalty Spot
Left 6

How do I tell what direction the game is viewed from?

The pitch always matches the view as seen on the TV screen.

I want to bet on just my team, how do I do that?

You cannot bet on just your team but if you have a strong feeling about where a goal will be scored it is best to cover both ends. If you are playing as the game is happening you can choose the ends more carefully.

What is your allegiance?

Your allegiance is the team you are supporting in the game and which team your winnings will contribute too.

What is the bar at the bottom?

The bar at the bottom represents your friends, their stakes, winnings, allegiance and online status. You can click on a friend to see their bets and initiate a chat conversation.


For more about how to place bets and winnings please see our forum topic :…

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