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About Betting and Winning

Sal A
posted this on Jun 08 08:15

What can I bet on?

You can bet on goals, assists and bookings. This is for the duration of the match- so you Own the Zone for the whole match.

 If bet’s are placed on the same zone at the same odds then they will be merged into the same area on the ticket.  The bets will however have a different time stamp so only bets placed before the event occurred will be awarded winnings.

How do I place a bet?

Click on the chip at the top of the pitch that matches the event you want to bet on. Either drag the chip on to the pitch to select the zone. Alternatively you can click directly on the odds number. Once you have placed a chip you can increase the size of your bet by clicking on the + or – figures next to the chip. After you have placed your bets click on the “Place your bets” button.

Can I undo a bet?

You can undo bets before they are “placed” by dragging them from the list on the right. Once bets are placed they are FINAL and cannot be undone.

How often can I bet?

You can bet as often as you like, as long as you have chips available.

I want to bet on just my team, how do I do that?

You cannot bet on just your team but if you have a strong feeling about where a goal will be scored it is best to cover both ends. If you are playing as the game is happening you can choose the ends more carefully.

Why is there a delay on the bet being applied?

Bets placed are subjected to a small delay to avoid any cheating.

What happens if the game goes to penalties?

Own the Zone does not pay out on penalties that are scored during a penalty shootout.

What happens if the game goes to extra time?

Extra time does pay out but the odds are adjusted accordingly.

What do I win?

The amount of chips that you will win depends on the number of chips bet and the odds of the zone that you bet on. Remember the odds rise as the clock counts up so you can get some very good odds for events that occur late in the game.
How often can I bet?

You can bet as often as you like, as long as you have chips available.

When will I know if I have won?

Bets are resolved almost instantly so if you won, you will know almost instantly.

I think I won, but I didn’t win anything?

If you think this has happened we suggest that you wait until at least the end of the game to see if the result has been difficult to resolve.


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