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Known Issues Under Investigation July 2012 (including Nike and Value issues)

Sal A
posted this on Jul 01 12:19

– Users playing on IE8 getting a black screen instead of Playr because they are using “ChromeFrame” (a plug-in from Google that makes IE8 faster) The solution is to remove it.

– User reporting issues with their mouse in Unity areas. If you are too, please submit a ticket telling us the problem with your make and model of mouse or trackpad-based computer. Our devs are looking at this issue.


– Users reporting Authentication failure- our team are investigating this, but it seems to be a communication issue between Facebook login and the game. We hope Facebook will resolve it, but we are looking at seeing if we can also do anything from our side to improve.


– Issue with users getting stuck on the Nike contract after week 2. Will affect users who haven’t already got the contract yet. (fix pending for NIKE issue) UPDATE: FIXED 20:30 01/07/2012  – please refresh your browser to continue.


– Users who were playing the game during the update of Friday 29th June 2012 may find their value is set to 0. (FIXED- manual completion required by some users to get VALUE back to previous) Playing through a match and going back to the map screen should solve the problem.


– Current generic issue- some users’ games will get stuck loading a Unity opportunity either in a match or for training (In Progress) (UPDATE: Partial Fix July 12th) Some accounts not in a high week should now be fixed, we are still investigating why users in higher weeks will not be.

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