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Safari users please read..

Sal A
posted this on Aug 20 16:36

If you use the Safari browser, you may have issues playing the game for the first time if you see this loading image.

You can either try a different web browser or try the following:


Enable 3rd party cookies first in the browser settings then restart the browser and make sure you are logged into Facebook.


To do this:

Go to Safari Preferences by clicking on the settings menu cog icon in the browser, and select Preferences.


Then, go to Privacy and select “Never” for  the first option mentioning 3rd party cookies.


Close the browser and re-open it and try Lyroke again from

If the problem persists, please clear your browser’s cache and history by selecting “reset Safari” from the settings menu and selecting the following checkboxes only “Clear History” and “Close All Safari Windows” as shown below- reload Lyroke and try again:



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