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How to play I AM PLAYR

posted this on October 11, 2012 10:03

This FAQ covers the basics of what I AM PLAYR is, and how to play it.


Created to be a casual social game users could dip in and out of a few times a day, on Facebook’s social platform, the game has quickly gained a core following. Launched officially in October 2011, the game has gone through several changes over the last year  More videos, more training options and a new lifestyle section have been added as well as leaderboards and friends challenges. The team are adding to the game on a regular basis so the game can change rapidly. This is the basics of playing the core game- for more specific information please view the other FAQs.

This FAQ does not contain spoilers.

Signing Your Contract / The Story

As a new starter at River Park FC you’ll need to concentrate hard on your training to make sure you’re in peak condition to impress on the pitch.

Will you train hard or be distracted by the lifestyle of a up and coming footballer? All choices are final- there is no going back and no restarts!

Choose carefully and you may be able to boost your fame which has its perks, or earn more money on the pitch to spend on your lifestyle.

The Training Ground

There are different training drills:  shooting, dribbling & passing. Working on these skills will raise your ability in these areas and progress your overall football level. Certain boots can give you bonusesto these stats, and their bonus will show up in your skills bar .The boots have stats attached to them- orange for positive attributes or red for negative. Some boots can only be unlocked by completing certain training levels or achievements in the game.

When you’ve trained enough to be fully Match Fit you can progress to your Match Day.

Tips: Equip a boot with Curl bonus to get past the goalkeeper easier.

The Match

The more you train, the better your control will be on the day of the match. 

If your opposing team is the one to beat the less chances on the ball you’ll get, so again training helps you. Like in real life, we can’t guarantee you’ll even touch the ball during the match but Tactics could help increase the chance of this and the types of opportunity you’ll get.

After a Match, you’ll be returned to your map screen where the stats will update. Sometimes there is extra story to complete before you’re allowed to continue to the next phase, so don’t forget to check your in-game phone or laptop to see new messages!

Daily bonus

For each consecutive day you return to the game you’ll be gifted items that will help you in the game. These could be Match Fitness (which is stored so that you can use it whenever you need to), Energy or Tactics. Save these to use them when you need the most, eg for your match against South London.

Lifestyle Items

You can purchase items off the pitch that can help boost your Fame meter. This can help to unlock additional story content further on in the game.

Seasonal Content

Occasionally we release special content that’s available only for a limited time. This is usually in celebration of holidays such as Christmas, Easter and Halloween. Some trophies may mention related challenges, but these will only be available during the seasonal content duration.

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