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Known Issues December 2012

Sal A
posted this on December 10, 2012 16:05

18/12/2012 – We are currently experiencing an issue with our CDN (Content Delivery Network) that may affect your service. A fiber cut is affecting service in the region. Technicians are on site and verified that the damage was caused by a sheet pile wall. The technicians are unable to provide an estimated time of repair at this time, but they are continuing to work on repairs. -Emily


Gillette- In some countries, the content is not available. However we are investigating reports that people in supported countries are still not able to access the content. Apologies- we hope to liaise with Gillette and have a fix or a resolution soon.


I AM PLAYR – Timeout errors- we’re working on improving the overall performance of the game. This is a priority for us on the run up to Christmas


Match opportunities- we’re looking at some reports of a reduced number of opportunities in the game- we’ve recently balanced to guarantee one chance at least, so please report any long runs of 0 chances for several matches to us. You may still get  0 chances against harder teams like South London but this is because their defence is harder to get the opportunity from.

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