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Known Issues January 2013

Sal A
posted this on Jan 02 17:06

– GILLETTE –  A number of users may find their Gillette content available and then unexpectedly unavailable again. We are investigating this with Gillette, but unfortunately it is beyond our control as it’s determined by a 3rd party. Apologies for any frustration caused.


Users clicking LIKE then getting continuous man down errors.  – Dev team are aware & working on fix. FIXED

– Users with no energy timer/ non-replenishing energy – Dev team are aware, working on general fix but there is an individual account fix also so please submit a ticket with “No Energy Timer” as the subject so we can resolve this issue for affected users.

– Users getting incorrect final scores – Dev team are aware & will work on a fix for next update.

– Match opportunity balancing complaints: we continue to review the balance of both given and random match opportunities in the game. Please note that we have not changed individual’s games recently – all changes in number of opportunities have occurred due to the random select feature. Dev team are monitoring complaints.

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