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Known Issues January 2013

Sal A
posted this on 11 Feb 14:16

– Connection failures on mobile if you tried to access the game on the 22nd January 2013. Fixed in v 1.1.1.
Please delete the app and re-install it again- the problem should be fixed.


– Facebook permissions- if a user repeatedly denies permissions on installation, it can create a loop that will fail to load the game properly. Dev team working on a fix for next update. On iPhone, To fix this problem go to settings/facebook and enable Lyroke permissions. If you don’t see these options, you will either need to upgrade the phone via iTunes to use iOS 6+ or you’ll need to into Lyroke on Facebook, and enable permissions there and then playing via mobile again.


– No sound – if you remove headphones or other input devices in the middle of a video whilst the phone itself is muted, this can cause the phone to mute sounds. Plugging headphones back in should resolve the problem (you can remove them when the phone is un-muted to resolve the issue).


– You can play your daily spin but can’t access songs in the Library- Dev team are aware of this and will work for a fix for next update.


– Video doesn’t load after rotating the screen. If gameplay fails to start when you rotate your phone, please ensure you haven’t  got portrait mode lock-on.  You can do this by Double Tapping on your iPhone home button, scroll the task bar right so that the music controls show, then ensure that the Circular icon is not locked

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