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What is Unity? The Unity web player is a 3rd party plug-in that controls the 3D sections of the game (e.g. training and matches).

You need to install it to play I AM PLAYR. It is safe to download and is the industry-recognised standard for this type of feature.


For CHROME users:

For FIREFOX users:  



Here’s our step by step guide:

1) Click ‘Continue’ to download the Unity file.

2) Save the file to your computer.

Depending on your browser, you will see something like either of the following (Firefox and Chrome are pictured). Click to save the file.


For Firefox users, you may see the following further screens:


Click the file to begin installation.

3) Your installation should begin with a prompt. Click ‘run’ to open the file.

4) The installation is complete. Continue with I AM PLAYR.

When the installation has been successful, your first training session will start to load:

You can find the latest version of Unity on their website http://unity3d.com/webplayer . as well as other information about the Unity web player and what it’s used for.

If you have issues and need to reinstall Unity, we recommend that you download the file using a DIFFERENT web browser to the one you normally use e.g. if you use mainly use Chrome, visit the Unity website using an alternate browser such as Firefox. (We support Internet Explorer 8+, Chrome, and Firefox 3+).
It’s possible that the Unity installation may ask you to update Java at the same time. Please do so if asked.



To re-install Unity or If you have issues with your training or match play, try the following:

– Please clear your Unity cache at http://webplayer.unity3d.com/setup/. Select ‘Delete All’, if there is something in the grey box, and then ‘Delete All’ again.

Next please uninstall Unity from your computer’s Control Panel, through ‘Add/Remove Programs’.

Then you need to visit the Unity website to re-download the plug-in but using a DIFFERENT browser to the one you normally use to play the game in. We support Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox 3+ and Chrome. The link to follow for the latest version is http://unity3d.com/webplayer/. (It should auto-detect which kind of operating system you are using so you shouldn’t need to select any other options).

PLEASE NOTE: Unity currently has trouble running on Linux and some 64-bit operating system machines. Please refer to Unity.com directly for support on these platforms.

Click to accept the file then double click it to open once it has finished downloading onto your computer. The installer should appear to guide you through the process. A confirmation message will appear when it’s complete.


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