River Park Defence

Sal A
posted this on June 10, 2013 15:45

It’s a fine line between having ultra-realistic conditions and a game a user would actually like to play. In real life it’s very rare for a striker to get more than 20-25 goals in a season but that would be a very dull game to play; you’d only be awarded scoring opportunities once every few matches. That’s why your other team mates may seem like they’re not doing much to help either, it’s to ensure you get as much gameplay as the fixture allows. We are in the process of making the opportunities more varied in Q4 2013 as a tentative date, due to user feedback on the defence. Why do other teams seem to have such high score lines? If you scored as many goals as even the very best strikers in real life you’d get about one scoring opportunity every few matches! So it’s factored into the game that it’s possible to get higher scorelines than normal. If you take a look through some of our other Playrs’ screenshots on our Facebook page you can see we’ve had matches where River Park have scored 10 or more goals, so don’t give up. It could be you one day.

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