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Sal A
posted this on Jun 10 14:15

“I have a question about Facebook Credits or a coin delivery error (I did not get my coins!)”



Purchasing Via Facebook:


Please note: Facebook credits are being phased out by Facebook shortly. If you currently have credits you can continue to use them but you will not be able to purchase any more. For help with Facebook credits, please contact Facebook directly at: https://www.facebook.com/help/credits

When purchasing coins, please remember that there can be a delay in delivery- depending on coins provider. Refreshing the game on a map screen should help if it is a temporary delay.

If you have purchased coins via any of Facebook’s options, please contact them directly to query any issues: https://www.facebook.com/help/contact_us.php?id=191099177590108

If you have any queries about which countries or other payment options are supported via FB Credits, please take a look at this page:


Facebook reserve the right to decide the payment methods for users, this will depend on which country you are from. If you don’t see the payment method you’d like to use it’s worth also checking on http://www.iamplayr.com as there may be some alternative options for you there.

You can also contact your payment provider directly as you should have received an email or mobile receipt with contact information. This is probably the quickest way of getting support as we have no visibility for most transactions and so cannot give you refunds directly. We are not able to support Trialpay http://trialpay.com, Toluna, Direct Bank transfers or any other method of payment so please contact these companies either via Facebook or via the company directly.



If you have purchased coins via PayPal you can send us the transaction ID you would have received in a receipt and we’ll investigate.




If you have purchased coins via Boku/PayForIt you can query the payment with them directly at : http://boku.com/support – general mobile payment support information is there also.

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