Lifestyle Items Including Fame

Sal A
posted this on June 10, 2013 15:47

Watches, Boats, Cars and Property – questions about lifestyle items

I bought everything in the magazine – now what?

Congratulations – you must be a really successful player! If you have bought all the watches, cars and houses that are currently on offer, don’t worry – more items will be added for you to buy soon.

I bought something from the shop, but it didn’t appear in the magazine – what happened?

You can only ‘feature’ one item at a time in your magazine spread. You can change between your purchases as often as you like, by choosing the item in the shop and clicking the ‘Feature’ button.

What does Fame do?

The Fame stat shows how well known a player you are, and controls certain storyline options and content. Purchasing lifestyle items from the shop can increase your Fame.

Why can’t I see my friend’s purchases?

In the future, we do want you to be able to share your magazine with your friends, so that you can compare your purchases. Unfortunately we do not have this in the game yet, but keep checking the Facebook page for updates!

What does ‘mooring’ mean?

A mooring is a place for you to keep your boat. You will not be able to buy a boat if you do not have a place to moor it – you may need to purchase a different property which has room for your boat.

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