What are the Live Tournaments?

Sal A
posted this on Jun 21 17:39

Live tournaments are timed box competitions against other PLAYR users.

What can I win?

    To start with the user who achieves the highest score will win coins.  We will add more prizes in the future.

Will I win a reward for finishing in the top 5?

    No, it’s a winner-takes-all tournament.

How long do tournaments last?

    30mins but tournament length may change in the future.

Can I use boots?

    Yes, they will help you achieve a higher score.

Why do tournaments cost energy to play and reward with match fitness?

    Tournaments are a fun and engaging way to get match fit while competing against others to win prizes.

Can I play a tournament more than once?

    Yes, can you enter a tournament as many times as you like while it’s running.

What is the ‘Protect Shield’ power up?

    Shields protect lives and streak score multipliers.

What are ‘Multiple Score’ power ups?

    Multipliers times your score from the start of the game.

Will you add more games in the future?

    Yes, we will add more variety in future updates.

A tournament has ended but I haven’t received my prize?

    There is a short holding period to allow us to calculate the results before awarding the prize to the winner.

Why are some tournaments locked?

    We want lots of users competing for the same prize so only one tournament will be available at any one time.

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