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Ios 7 Untethered Jailbreak

posted this on Jul 09 06:30

Hi Download this amazing ios 7 untethered jailbreak tool. This tool will help you jailbreak your iPhone with any device that you use. Our team have been working long to produce a working jailbreak system for you and a firmware upgrade and downgrade to every ios version out there available. Simple just visit the website and download our software. We are a new development team that was created. We currently have about 150+ members working on the untethered jailbreak software. We have had success with the past few firmwares of releasing them earlier and creating a functional ios untethered jailbreak for all of you people out there. With the new iOS 7 we have recently created a functional upgrade and a functional untethered jailbreak. We hope to hear positive feedback on our development from every one of the users and even suggestions on improving our program.