Date: 27.05.2011

Posted by: Spencer Carmichael-Brown

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I AM PLAYR, the first-ever POV football game, has signed a sponsorship deal with Italian car manufacturer Alfa Romeo.

Created by online games publisherWe R Interactive, I AM PLAYR allows players to experience the life of a footballer, through the eyes of a footballer playing for River Park FC and pitting themselves against their mates and the rest of the world.

In a deal brokered by Maxus, Alfa Romeo will be integrated into the I AM PLAYR storyline, by becoming an official sponsor to the games’ fictional football club, River Park FC.

Players activating the sponsorship will be rewarded with an Alfa Romeo car once they have reached a performance-related target – scoring five goals against River Park FC team captain, Danny Deans.

In a ground breaking and innovative campaign, users will be able to access an in-game replica of Alfa Romeos’ online car configurator to design their car and then import the exact model back into the game to be displayed in their inventory.

The user will then be delivered first-person, rich media filmed content showing the collection of their vehicle, which will be personalised to match the car they designed.

Later in the year there will also be an interactive element to the campaign, which will allow users to edit in-game Alfa Romeo-related footage.

The activity also includes dynamic ad sites within the hoardings surrounding the football stadiums.

Claudio Annicchiarico, head of digital for Alfa Romeo UK said of the deal: “As a brand, innovation and technology are core values for Alfa Romeo, so when we were approached by We R Interactive, who had put us at the top of their automotive sponsor wish list for I AM PLAYR, it was an easy decision to make.

“The sporty and desirable Alfa MiTo, which appears in the game, is aimed at a particularly media savvy audience, so social media gaming is a great way for us to reach out to them. In addition the virtual buying and owning process in the game is highly interactive and really pushes online marketing boundaries.”

We R Interactive Commercial Director Arianne Riddell commented: “Alfa Romeo is a perfect fit for the I AM PLAYR audience and we’re delighted to announce them as a sponsor. This partnership is a great example of the innovative advertising opportunities this emerging channel offers, where brands can interact with highly engaged communities by integrating into the game in a seamless, additive way that enhances the player’s experience.”

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