Play the Life of a Professional Footballer

I AM PLAYR is an award-winning football game that lets the user play the life of a professional footballer, both on and off the pitch.   It fuses 3D gaming, with premium quality first person video, film production and interactive story-telling to create a unique game that brings football fans closer to their passion. 

Global Audience

Since launching in October 2011, I AM PLAYR has built a large global audience of more than 9.3 million users across 226 countries.  The game continues to attract more than 20,000 new players every day, with users spending an average of 50 minutes per day playing the game.

Authentic Brand Integrations

Brands are woven seamlessly around the core narrative of I AM PLAYR to drive product awareness and deep levels of brand engagement.   Established brand partnerships include Nike, Red Bull, Betfred, Alfa Romeo and Gillette.  Since launch, 455,000 pairs of Nike boots have been purchased, 198 years worth of Nike-branded stories have been experienced and 348 million training drills powered by Red Bull have been completed in the game. 

Top Football Talent

Top football talent including Steven Gerrard, Theo Walcott, Jordan Henderson, Stewart Downing, Aaron Lennon and Scott Parker are woven into the gameplay and narrative of I AM PLAYR. Lee Dixon and Andy Townsend also make cameo appearances in the game’s Goal Mouth Show, and Gary McAllister appears to provide coaching tips and advice.


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