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I have a question about Facebook Credits or a coin delivery error (I did not get my coins!)

posted this on May 16, 2012 11:26

 Facebook credits are Facebook’s own currency which allows you to buy Credits that you can spend across all apps available on Facebook.

You can either purchase Facebook Credits by themselves via Facebook’s account area for use anywhere in Facebook, or use our in-game credit purchase system to convert these to I AM PLAYR coins instantly.

If you complete the first phase, buying Facebook Credits, and for some reason there is an error in converting these to coins on I AM PLAYR, you should be able to keep the credits and try your purchase again immediately, making sure you purchase the same coin bundle as previously attempted. You will get a confirmation pop-up window with your order ID reference when this is complete. 

Please remember to retain your Order ID number that is given out after successful purchases, without this our Customer Service team cannot match transactions to your account if you have a subsequent query.

Your Facebook Credits history is also stored in your Facebook/Accounts/Payments view, and you can dispute any payment from here also. Here’s Facebook’s own help sections for credits: 

Although Facebook credits should now always leave you with FB credits paid for at the very least, if credits do not show up and you received a confirmation message that your payment went through, please take this up with Facebook directly using their help area below as they can help direct you to the correct payment provider for the transaction:

If you have any queries about which countries or other payment options are supported via FB Credits, please take a look at this page:

Facebook reserve the right to decide the payment methods for users, this will depend on which country you are from. If you don’t see the payment method you’d like to use it’s worth also checking on as there may be some alternative options for you there. 

You can also contact your payment provider directly as you should have received an email or mobile receipt with contact information. This is probably the quickest way of getting support as I AM PLAYR has no visibility for Facebook credits and so cannot give you FB Credits refunds at all- we can only give in-game coins to manually complete the failed transaction but this has to be proven via receipts etc and can take up to 3 working days to resolve.

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