Date: 28.11.2012

Posted by: Kirsty

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Gillette Football Club Launches Online Gaming with We R Interactive

Gillette Partners with I AM PLAYR as the Exclusive Game for the Brand’s Online Football Channel


Following the global launch of the Gillette Football Club, Gillette has today announced a gaming partnership with We R Interactive.


In the global, multi-layered partnership aimed at driving registrations to the Gillette Football Club, We R Interactive’s award-winning online football game, I AM PLAYR, will feature as the first and only game on the Gillette Football Club.


Gillette will also be woven into I AM PLAYR through a host of innovative narrative integrations available to I AM PLAYR users who subscribe to Gillette Football Club, starting with a Gillette Sports Science Centre. Focused around optimising match day performance and building confidence – a core Gillette brand value; the Gillette Sports Science Centre will give I AM PLAYR users opportunities to meet with the Gillette Sports Science Centre staff - a Head of Sports Science, Sports Psychologist and Elite Performance Director, who will provide specialised treatments that boost the user’s on-pitch abilities - such as shooting, dribbling and passing.


Gillette products will also be heroed in pre-match routine videos, to reinforce the link between the Gillette brand value of confidence and its relationship with elite sporting performance. Further future integrations will include I AM PLAYR users being offered the chance to become the face of Gillette as a virtual brand ambassador.


I AM PLAYR is the first online football game that lets the user play the life of a professional footballer both, on and off the pitch. Through a fusion of live-action video featuring top Premiership players, interactive story-telling and first-person perspective 3D game play, the game has grown a large global audience; with over 6.8 million players playing across 220 countries. The live video content complements the main benefit of the Gillette Football Club; to provide fans with HD quality goals and highlights from top football leagues and clubs in Europe.


Gillette’s long-standing association with football and I AM PLAYR’s audience of more than six million 16-34 year old males is a perfect fit. This is a first-of-its-kind partnership for Gillette that demonstrates its shift to using innovative digital platforms as part of its global brand building activity to establish lifelong, one to one, in real time relationships.


Alex Tosolini, Vice President, E-Business for P&G, says Gillette has a long track record in bringing men closer to their sporting passions, and we have taken this to the next level with the Gillette Football Club. This new partnership with We R Interactivewill enhance the experience for both football fans on Gillette Football Club and I AM PLAYR users, and builds on our vision to ultimately deliver the best a fan can get with a complete online football experience.”


Paul Whitehead, Global Commercial Director, We R Interactive commented, “We’ve built a growing global audience across our portfolio of games and have established a track record of creating innovative partnerships that allow brands to credibly engage with consumers on their own terms and to a much deeper level compared to other media.  As a result, We R Interactive is quickly becoming the de facto home for global brands in gaming.”

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