Date: 24.05.2013

Posted by: Jocasta Kelsey

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Over 10 million users worldwide now playing  online football game I AM PLAYR

23rd May, 2013 – London, UK: We R Interactive, the pioneering social entertainment company, has today announced that over 10 million people in more than 200 countries are now playing its online football game I AM PLAYR.  This proprietary platform seamlessly integrates brand partners including Nike, P&G and Red Bull to naturally engage with its users.  Revenues are generated through a unique model of user transactions and deep brand integrations ensuring the whole audience is monetised.

I AM PLAYR lets you live the life of a professional footballer on and off the pitch, through multiple real world scenarios. This creates an interactive story-telling experience involving a combination of 3D game play and first-person perspective, premium quality, video footage featuring footballing talent such as Steven Gerrard, Theo Walcott and Aaron Lennon.

Brand partners including Nike, Red Bull, P&G, Alfa Romeo and Betfred, are woven seamlessly around the core narrative of I AM PLAYR to drive product awareness and deep levels of brand engagement.  The game is available via the web, on Facebook and on mobile with new storylines and game-play added regularly in response to the real world football events.   

Since the launch of I AM PLAYR in 2011, the hundreds of different videos in the game have been viewed over 300 million times. While, through interactive game-play, over 600,000 Nike boots have been trialed by players in the game, close to 300,000 Alfa Romeo Mito’s have been customised and over 380 million training drills powered by Red Bull have been completed. 

Paul Whitehead, Global Commercial Director at We R Interactive, commented: “Consumers now have an unprecedented choice of products and services and are interrupted in every area of their lives with branded messages on an hourly basis. 

“Our results in I AM PLAYR, with over 300 million branded videos watched in just over a year, show that new forms of digital communication such as social entertainment, in which brands add to experiences rather than interrupt them, can become a vital part of the marketing mix.

“One of our partners has found that as a customer acquisition and conversion platform I AM PLAYR is six times more effective than typical digital campaigns whilst 95% of players say they ‘would like to see more brands in the game’.

“By putting brand and product values at the heart of a story in a natural way our partners not only enjoy deep levels of engagement -- with 2 million monthly users on I AM PLAYR playing for an average 52 mins per day, 10 times the average dwell period on a brand website -- but also benefit from 19,000 points of real-time data analysis so can see how people interact with their products.”

I AM PLAYR is a release from UK-based social entertainment company, We R Interactive. Other releases from the company include the popular music video game, LYROKE, which was recently the number one music game in the Apple App Store across seven international markets and featured exclusively backstage at the BRIT Awards 2013 in London.  

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